Testimonials ~ Benefits Received

Path into Garden

The Sufis say you must go back the way you came.  Following are testimonials from those who have received life changing benefits from private spiritual counseling, participating in study groups and meditation in the work place.  I am deeply grateful to serve those who are ready to turn around and return Home to their true Self.


A Course in Miracles Study Group Students:

“Anasuya is a sincere and genuine spiritual teacher!” – Mary Graves

“It’s truly amazing. Above all, we enter the Timeless in every session.”  – Mark Marion

“I am approaching 70. And, for the first time, I see that it is actually possible for me to forgive myself. For me, this is really a big deal.”  – Richard Fairfield

“Anasuya is a kind, friendly and humble teacher. And, we can trust her to get down in the ditch with us and experience Love no matter how deep or dark the ditch. As a result, I experience a safe place to feel my emotions.  Finally, I can be with my anger and find love in that, too.”  – Alexandra Perkocha


Individual clients:

“Anasuya brings the gift of presence and a deep understanding of human nature. She possesses an intuitive knowledge of the Longing that guides our awakening. In addition, she respects the many rivers of spiritual life and brings a wealth of wisdom. Furthermore, she touches my soul where nourishment is needed and enlivens the inner places that call for healing. With astute clarity, she helps me discover for myself what is already whole and at peace.” – Beverly B., Occidental, CA

“I’ve known Anasuya for many years and worked with her on many levels through group meditation, retreats, and individual counseling. Most importantly, she truly listens and hears what I need. As a result, Anasuya offers the most effective and rewarding inner work with mindfulness and love. Finally, Anasuya has supported me to have the most fulfilling relationship in my life: the one with my Self.” – Kathryn C., Los Angeles, CA

“The simplicity of Anasuya’s words strikes a solid yet gentle chord in me. Also, the foundation of our work helps me accomplish grace & peace under life’s pressures.  More importantly, her clarity is simple and beautiful.  As a result, our work together has profoundly affected my personal and professional relationships. Thank you so very much!!!” – John M., Reno, NV


Business clients:

“Anasuya brings a calm and soothing energy, which helps bring the work group together in a very positive way.

Also, she gave me the tools to recognize when I need to take a moment to be still and refresh.  As a result, the rest of my day is more productive and balanced.”  
– Christine Kenner, Honeyfund.com, Sebastopol, CA
“Anasuya is a wonderful meditation guide. In addition, she brought such a warm and loving spirit to the office. As a result, I am more productive and focused after a session with her. What a gift!”  
– Jonas, Honeyfund.com, Sebastopol, CA
“I am so grateful for the sessions we had with Anasuya in our office. Most significantly, Anasuya brought her gift of clarity. As a result, she inspired us to be the kind of leaders our team and organization need. Also, meditating with our staff provided the opportunity to experience a deeper connection with each another.  Anasuya is a rare gift and showed us the key to an enjoyable and productive workplace!”  
 Sara Margulis & Josh Margulis, founders, Honeyfund.com. Sebastopol, CA

(by Anasuya Floan)