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“All healing is essentially the release from fear.” – ACIM

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A Course in Miracles study groups and events with Anasuya support those who are committed to living an awakened life. Whether you are actively studying the Course or not, all are welcome!

Anasuya is in service to your awakening, providing a safe and sacred place for your longing for Truth.  As a result, students are present for one another as they listen to and speak from an open Heart. Through fresh inquiry, honest learning, and the willingness to meet whatever is present, you discover what is always here and always has been.




7 PM Thursday, Nov 19 thru 1 PM Sunday, Nov 22, 2020

Registration Fee:  $375 due in full upon registration.

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Mondays 3:30 – 5pm via LIVE VIDEO STREAM

  • “The Happy Learner” ~ Oct 5 – Dec 14; Ten sessions; $165.  Do you want peace, but struggle with frustration, falling into the ego’s trap that you should already know the lessons life offers? Do you say to yourself, “This! Again!?”  What is honest learning? Who is the Teacher?  For details click HERE.

ACIM SUBSCRIPTION Study with Anasuya

  • “Prayer of the Heart” ~ Oct 5 – Dec 14; Ten study sessions directly e-mailed to your inbox plus 3 live stream video meetings with Anasuya; $75.  What conditions are present when a prayer of the Heart arises? What is true prayer? Is it a plea for the things you want? Is it a call and response between the mind and your own Pure Wisdom? Or, could it be Life expressing itSelf as you? How do you recognize the Voice of Love?  Through Self-inquiry and contemplation, you will deepen your capacity to listen to and speak the language of the Heart. For more information, click HERE.

2020 Monday Study Group Calendar

Oct 5 thru Dec 14 (No meeting Nov 30)


2021 Monday Study Group Calendar

(Dates within each series may be subject to change)

Jan 4 thru Mar 15 (No meeting Jan 18)

Mar 29 thru Jun 14 (No meeting Apr 26 & May 31)

Jul 12 thru Sep 20 (No meeting Sep 6)

Oct 4 thru Dec 13 (No meeting Nov 29)



  • Individuals – Mentoring your awakening.
  • Relationships & Families – Communication from the Heart

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by Anasuya Floan