Satsang Events & Services


Meeting in the Heart of All Satsang events and services with Anasuya support those who are committed to living an awakened life. Whatever path you may pursue, Anasuya’s invitation is to discover through Self-inquiry the truth of who you are.

Anasuya is here in service to your awakening, offering a safe and sacred space that honors your longing for Truth and Freedom.  As a result, students are present for one another, learning to listen and speak with an open Heart and quiet mind. Through fresh inquiry, honest learning, and the willingness to meet whatever is present, you have the opportunity to discover what is always here and always has been.



  • “Freedom from Who You are Not”; Sat, Oct 9, 2021, 10:30 am – 5 pm             For more information and how to register, click HERE.
  • “Fall Back Into Your Self” Silent Retreat, Nov 11 ~ 14, 2021; For more information and how to register, click HERE.


 Ongoing Satsang Events with Anasuya

Mondays 3:30 – 5pm via LIVE VIDEO STREAM 

  • “Vulnerability & The Fire of Love” ~ Oct 4 – Dec 14, 2021.  Ten sessions; $175.
    “It is possible that vulnerability is you opening to the fire of Love.” ~ Anasuya. What if your essential Self, what you truly want, lies in the Heart of vulnerability? And, what could happen if you stop controlling, stop chasing, stop postponing being yourself as you are? More importantly, what kind of life is possible, living from your essential Self?
    In this series, you are invited to explore vulnerability as the fire of Love, a gateway to deeper freedom, and living Essence.  For more details and how to register click HERE.

Online SUBSCRIPTION Satsang with Anasuya

  • Please note: The online Subscription Satsang coincides with the focus of inquiry for the Monday weekly live meetings referred to above.  Each week, you will receive directly e-mailed to your inbox a brief introduction along with questions for reflection and discovery.  “I look forward to meeting with you all in this extraordinary sacred, yet ordinary way.”
  • “Vulnerability & The Fire of Love” ~ Oct 4 – Dec 14, 2021; Ten weeks $75.  See the description above.  For more details, including dates for the live video Satsangs, click HERE.


2021 & 2022 Monday Satsang & Online Subscription Calendar

(Dates may be subject to change)

Oct 4 thru Dec 13 (No Monday or Subscription Satsang Nov 29)

Jan 3 thru Mar 14 (No Monday or Subscription Satsang Jan 31)

Mar 28 thru Jun 13 (No Monday or Subscription Satsang May 2 & 30)

Jul 11 thru Sep 19 (No Monday or Subscription Satsang Aug 15 & Sep 5)

Oct 3 thru Dec 12 (Not Monday or Subscription Satsang Nov 7)


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by Anasuya Floan