Meet Anasuya

IMG_5600websize“Only Love is Real.” – ACIM

   Anasuya began studying and teaching A Course in Miracles in January, 1980.  Since that time, she has offered spiritual counseling and guidance to many. Because of her love for detail, in 1973 she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. And, at the age of 50, she awakened to her love of art and received a Master’s Degree in Arts & Consciousness.

      Anasuya has designed and facilitated study groups, retreats and workshops for students of all ages. Significantly, the focus of all teaching and learning events is the direct experience of Self as Pure Awareness.  

“My passion is helping people recognize that Love’s presence is right here and always has been.  As a child, I would attend Catholic mass with my family.  The second we left the pew, the sermon was forgotten. So, where was the love we had all heard about? As a result, I became more frustrated as I watched us struggle in our relationships at home, school and work. Above all, I wanted to be free, to experience Love in ourselves, others and the world.”

      When you meet Anasuya, she welcomes you right where you are. Then, through fully opening to whatever is present, she invites you to discover for yourself the Truth of who you are. Whether you are actively studying the Course or not, her approach is universal and all are welcome.

     “I consider my role as a witness to your miracle of surrender.  Especially, I help you experience peace of mind and heart by offering deep listening and clear reflection.”

Call or write and meet Anasuya at 707-889-3510;

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Anasuya (born Linda Floan) in Sanskrit means “free from envy” and symbolizes supreme fidelity and devotion. She received the name from her meditation teacher in 1995.  The name serves as a constant reminder of love, honor and respect, deepening an awakened life by being true to the Self of all.

By Anasuya Floan