Meet Anasuya

When you meet Anasuya, she welcomes you right where you are. Then, through the willingness to open to whatever is present, you discover your true nature. Whether you are actively studying A Course in Miracles or not, her approach is universal and all are welcome.

Anasuya began studying and teaching A Course in Miracles in January, 1980.  Since that time, she has offered spiritual counseling and guidance for many. Because of her love for detail, in 1973 she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. Then, at the age of 48, she awakened to her love of art and received a Master’s Degree in Arts & Consciousness.

Anasuya shares her wealth of being a devoted student of Love with sensitivity, humor, and compassion.  She has designed and facilitated numerous study groups, retreats, and workshops for all ages. Significantly, the focus of all events offered is the direct and fresh experience of your true self as Pure Awareness, Wisdom and Love.  

“My passion is supporting people to recognize that who you truly are is not a concept.  Love is real.  You are real.  You are Love.”

“At the age of four, I was looking up at the sky wondering, ‘What’s behind the sky?’  In the only way I know to describe, the veil dropped.  Everything disappeared including any sense of a ‘me’.  All that exists is absolute compassion and Love.  As light and form began to take shape, I thought, ‘Everyone is this! Then, why are they arguing?’

“I immediately felt a deep longing for someone or something to reflect and confirm the joy of this pure experience.  A neighbor told me she was going to something called Sunday school where they talked about God.  So, I ran into the house and asked my mother if I could go to Sunday School.  She took me to catechism, not at all what I was looking for or wanted.  Instead, I recall my knees shaking violently, horrified by the terror I witnessed in the children and the nun as I stood outside the door, waiting to enter.

Later, I would attend Catholic Mass with my family.  It seemed that everyone forgot the sermon the second we left the pew. I felt confused and afraid.  Where was the love we had all heard about? As a result, I experienced the pain of struggling in our relationships at home, school, and work. Above all, I wanted us to be free, to experience Love in each other and the world.”

After a life-changing awakening from fear to Love at the age of 30, Anasuya was drawn to A Course in Miracles.  She absorbed the Course’s message wholeheartedly.  The Course proved to be invaluable support for exploring her experience in greater depth. Within a few weeks, a small group of friends, recognizing a notable softening, asked Anasuya if she would teach them the Course.

After eight years of daily study and facilitating three or more study groups a week, Anasuya experienced another profound opening. More than a shift in perception, her identity shifted from fear to Love.  “The Course made good on its promise.”  And so, she laid down the books and began teaching from her own direct experience.  The following ten years were rich with exploring the mysticism and poetry of awakened beings, known and unknown.

But still, she couldn’t let go of her longing for Something deeper.  Pulled by an inner calling to leave the life she had known, including her role as a teacher, Anasuya gave herself fully to deeper inquiry. The next 23 years were given exclusively to exploring the philosophies of Vedanta, Advaita, and Kashmir Shaivism.

However, years of meditation, chanting, and diligent effort failed to fulfill her longing to cut through the sense of a ‘me’.  One morning, she awakened to the hopelessness and despair she had been running from all her life.  In what she later described as a divine gift of disappointment, her mind came to a sudden stop.  

Unexpectedly, a profound meeting in the Heart with Ramana Maharshi revealed an indescribable fulfillment. The search was over.  She met Gangaji a short time later.  “In our meeting, there are no differences, no student, no teacher.  My longing for confirmation and reflection has come Home to rest.” With an inexplicable appreciation for the mystery of Life, Anasuya reports, “I have sat with my last Teacher.”  

When you meet Anasuya, you meet yourself.  “I used to say I was a signpost, ‘This way to God’, pointing you back to your heart.  Now, even the pointer has fallen away.  Only Love.”

In deep gratitude, I am here in service to your awakening to the Truth of who you are, to living freshly a life of peace and fulfillment.”

Call or write to meet Anasuya at 707-889-3510;

Anasuya (born Linda Floan) in Sanskrit means “free from envy”. She received the name in 1995 from her meditation teacher at that time.

By Anasuya Floan