A Course in Miracles with Anasuya

        Do you want peace, but struggle with trusting yourself?    

       You are an intelligent and sincere seeker of Truth. You may have begun more than once to study A Course in Miracles and for varying reasons you quit. Or, the Course sits majestically on your bookshelf next to your bed or on your favorite reading table, yet to be opened. Wanting to “get it right”, you either don’t start or never finish.  You want to begin. Evermore compelling, It calls to you. Once again, you walk right by it and hear yourself say, “Maybe later.”

       You begin reading and find yourself confused at times, even daunted, by its iambic pentameter and Shakespearean style.  Of even greater import, you may be triggered at times by its Christian orientation. While you have participated in more than one study group or followed different teachers, you want greater clarity. Or, maybe you have been studying on your own and are wanting the company of others who share your longing for Truth, wondering how to apply the teachings in their daily lives.

           You can experience pure joy and know peace in your daily life.  

             Honest learning begins with self-acceptance.  You begin where you are.  By releasing the assumption that there is a right way to study, you can relax.  Most importantly, when you let yourself become quiet, the Truth of who you are reveals Itself.   

           Only Love is real.  You are that Love. The Course is simple and universal in its message and invitation. All you need is a little willingness. And, your longing to know the Truth is the guiding force that returns you Home to your true Self. As the Course reminds, you are not on a journey. You are in an awakening.          

            “Hi! My name is Anasuya. I understand and deeply appreciate the path of discovering the freedom of Trust. Since 1980, I have helped people all over the world attain peace of mind and heart by providing a safe container for deep listening and clear reflection.  You will discover your true nature as the Course reveals its power in the midst of your daily life. And, if you are ready to discover and accept that you are the One you long for, I am here to support you.”

        I wholeheartedly welcome you to your study and participation in A Course in Miracles.”  For information about how to join the current study group in Sebastopol, CA, click HERE

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by Anasuya Floan