A Course in Miracles Satsang with Anasuya

          You are an intelligent and sincere seeker of Truth. You may have been inspired more than once to study A Course in Miracles and for varying reasons, you quit. More poignant, the Course sits majestically on your bookshelf next to your bed or on your favorite reading table, yet to be opened. Wanting to “get it right”, you either don’t start or never finish.  You want to try. Evermore compelling, it calls to you. Yet once again, you walk right by it and hear yourself say, “Maybe later.”

       Ready to explore yourself through the Course’s teachings, you may experience confusion at times, even daunted, by its iambic pentameter and Shakespearean style.  More significantly, you may be triggered or discouraged by its Christian orientation. While you have participated in more than one study group or followed different teachers, you want greater clarity. Or, maybe you’re studying on your own and now wish for the support of others who share your longing for Truth. 

             Honest learning begins with self-acceptance. By releasing the assumption that there is a right or wrong way, there is the opportunity to deeply relax.  In this way, when you become quiet, the Truth of who you are reveals Itself quite naturally.   

           Only Love is real.  You are Love. The Course is simple and universal in its message and invitation. Further, all you need is a little willingness and know you are ready. Above all, your longing to know the Truth is the guiding force that awakens you to your true Self. As the Course reminds, you are not on a journey. You are in an awakening.   

            “I understand and deeply appreciate a life dedicated to discovering inner freedom.  In deep gratitude, I am here in service to your awakening to the Truth of who you are, to living freshly a life of peace and fulfillment.” ~ Anasuya

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by Anasuya Floan