Life After 60 – Breakdowns and Breakthroughs


Detoxification for Weight LossWelcome to Life After 60!

I thought I would be retired by now, or dead.

At 63, I have been baptized in the raging (and I do mean rage-ing) river of resentment and tears that I have shed from this disappointment.

I have encountered many breakdowns and breakthroughs.  I have sustained more than one divorce, now married to my true mate.  I have spent the last 12 years grieving the loss of my best friend.  Only when I began to reach out again and make new friends did I recognize that I had isolated myself.   She was my angel of love, light and laughter.  Now I wear a garland of angels around my heart.  I am also emerging from a period that spans the past twenty years of deep inner reflection.  It’s been like an archeological dig, uncovering and reframing past conditioning, decisions and choices I made that convinced me my heart’s desires to write and paint would never sustain me.  I bring with me the treasures of my learning, understanding and wisdom.

As a spiritual guide and counselor for 30 years, I’ve always loved the power of words, their ability to ignite, inspire, liberate and heal.  So many have asked me if I could write down what I have said or wished we had recorded our conversation. So here I am, after years of resisting my passion, I have surrendered.  I am writing it all down.

With this blog, I wholeheartedly invite you to take a leap of faith and fall down this rabbit hole with me.  Life after 60.  Here you’ll find countless tips on how to think outside the box while honoring the box you’re in.  Of course, you’re free to move outside your box(es).  That’s up to you.  You’ll learn how to love your body, mind, emotions and soul and you will connect with your very own Self in ways and at times beyond your imagination. You’ll discover and explore ways to repair, restore and rejuvenate.  You’ll learn how to tap the bottomless well of your own inner resources and open the lines of direct communication with your intuition.  Be prepared to be inspired by delightful surprises, find your joy and live it.

I look forward to being your tour guide as we discover a million and one ways and more of how you can flourish in your life, becoming healthier in every way as you age.  We’ll laugh together and cry, rant and rave.  But most of all, we’ll have fun!

Let’s rock this thing, shall we?

by Anasuya Boden

Anasuya is Sanskrit for “free from envy.” The name also symbolizes supreme fidelity and devotion. Anasuya received the name from her meditation teacher more than 20 years ago.  The name serves as a beacon of wisdom; a constant reminder to love, honor and respect oneself. It contains the secret to the practice of living a liberated life by staying true to ones very own Self.