A Course in Miracles with Anasuya


fairies at the end

 “Only Love is Real.”  – A Course in Miracles

    I wholeheartedly welcome you to your study and participation in A Course in Miracles with Anasuya. Your longing to know the Truth of who you are is the guiding force that will bring you Home to your true Self.

   I began studying and teaching A Course in Miracles in January of 1978. My relationship with the Course has been a journey of spiritual awakenings, releasing fear, embracing and being embraced by compassion, understanding, peace and Love.

        As a teacher and spiritual guide, I teach students how to identify and let go of fear, recognize and connect with the Light within, and trust the Voice of Love as it guides your every step.

        For many, the language of the Course, including the Shakespearean style and iambic pentameter, can be confusing, even daunting at times.  Do not despair.  It’s gentle, loving Voice will lead you into the Heart.

      As the Course reminds, you are not on a journey.  You are awakening to what is already true and has always been:  Only Love is real.  You are a Child of God, created in Love’s Light and image.

     With wholehearted joy, I look forward to accompanying you in your awakening to Love’s presence.

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by Anasuya Floan